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Ode to a Lizard – Part II

Ode to a Lizard – Part 2 or Lizard on the floor

Me: Lizard, lizard on the floor, It’s summer – Don’t tell me you are here to carry on your ancestors’ lore?

Lizard (of the new generation): Certainly I am.

Like every wanna-be powerful, And otherwise frowned upon clan, I carry forth the name of mine. I have a global-domination plan.

Yes, you had spotted me While I was stealthily sliding Outside your room and I must say You had shrieked in a manner unspeakably whiny.

Destiny had already whispered to you Despite your efforts I would Eventually land in your room Closed doors won’t deter me, actually nothing could.

So when you entered your room today, And saw me perched on the wall, You shouldn’t display so much shock, Haven’t you yet figured that I have our famous “Lizard’s gall”?

And guess what, I am one of the adventurous Generation Z! I have the most unpredictable behaviour. Unlike my predecessors, I don’t fear humans, Now you definitely need a saviour.

I am so tiny and quick You have never met any of my kind I will trick your eyes And incessantly creep across your mind.

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