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Ode to a Lizard

Ode to a lizard OR Lizard on the wall

Me: Lizard lizard on the wall! Whose the bravest of them all?

Lizard: It is you, my dear. You have always looked at me with fear

Since the first day When you opened the room’s door A shiver went down your spine Creeping you out to your core.

The sight of me Perched on your wall Scared the living daylights out of you Sent you running to the hall.

1 week later Your legs they still shake but you stand tall Undeterred and calm Revising your strategy while still in the hall.

And finally, When you open the door Your eyes first scan the room Inch-by-inch, from roof to floor.

1 month later I am getting more comfortable in your room. You think perhaps if you wait You would be rescued by my eventual doom.

2 months later I grin at you from near your bed And since you don’t kill animals, You clench your teeth and wait for my death.

3 months later I am still alive So you decide to take help of google And with shock you realize That sneaky lizards like me Tend to live a long life.

So nature is not on your side, and you wonder: “To kill, or not to kill?”, Meanwhile I laugh at you from the wall, Testing your will.

4 months later You have given up waiting for it to end Sometimes you are frankly curious about me Wondering how I live without any friends.

So subconsciously you leave the door open Walk away with a frowned pate Those days you return to see the result of your kind act If I have managed to get a date.

Initially you feel happy But when I wink at you with my friend You wonder if we might have kids “And OMG – this story will never end!”.

Finally now it is winter So we don’t see each other anymore But summer is around the corner Which is why I smirk while I snore.

So when you ask “whose the bravest of them all” I say it is you, Facing your fears all along.

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