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I liked watching…

There are just so many of them that as soon as I get the time, I tend to move to a new one rather than put notes on them up here. However, I intend to record at least those books and movies that I especially liked. So here goes.


Soul (2020, animation, adventure) Watch for: An animated movie like no other. Depth, imagination, music, all interwoven most beautifully.


A Suitable Boy (2020, drama)

Watch for: Astounding direction — the contrasting stories of different people have been told with great empathy, and the director takes the viewer harmoniously from one story to another, while doing justice to each character.



Becoming (2020, documentary) Watch for: Inspiration. Simple dialogues reveal powerful insights.


Unorthodox (2020, drama, loose biography)

Watch for: Touching and liberating. The show says it is based on a real life story, but the links are very loose.


Watch for: Truly inspirational story of the first female self-made millionaire in America.


Spirited Away (2003, animation, adventure)

Watch for: From the director Miyazaki, who according to John Lasseter (the former Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney Animation and Pixar), is “one of the greatest filmmakers of our time”.



Mossad 101 (2015-now, drama, thriller) Watch for: Engaging story.

Playing by Heart (2019, drama, romance) Watch for: A variety of stories tenderly narrated and interweaved together into a beautiful whole. Very convincing acting.



Bohemian Rhapsody (2018, biography, music, drama) Watch for: Absolutely amazing. If you are a Queen fan, it’s a no-brainer to see this movie. I often wonder how it would have been to attend one of Queen’s live concerts. This movie comes the closest to a real life experience and it had such a tremendous impact on me that I was emotionally exhausted when I left the hall. The band’s power, charm and mesmerizing qualities come through. Not for: If you are a Pink Floyd fan, I am not sure how you would feel about the movie. I have a hypothesis that a person can either like Pink Floyd, or Queen. When I saw this movie, a chance experiment was staged – a friend who is a Floyd fan accompanied me. This Floyd fan seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and thanked me for taking them – but five-ten minutes after getting out of the hall, they boomeranged back to Floyd and started humming one of their songs. I followed on to listen to some Floyd songs with much attention to acoompany this friend – and I definitely appreicated them while I was listening. But as soon as I started doing something else, Queen was back in my mind. So don’t expect a Floyd fan to be moved by the movie as much as you’d expect anyone else.

Good Witch (2015 onwards, drama, comedy) Watch for: The tea-sipping and fireside book-reading evenings of this show will take you to a peaceful and quaint small-town living. A beautiful way of living – where people respect each other, where genuine connections matter, and where people savour the small things. Many viewers developed fantasies about living a life such as the one in the show – I was not spared. Recommend it to anyone who enjoys the slow, honest and charming events in life. Not for: Unlike its contemporaries, this show is not about superhumans/adrenaline pumping events, hence it may not interest many.

The Breadwinner (2017, drama, animation) Watch for: Positivity; powerful story-telling.

Anne with an E (2017, TV series) Watch for: Closer inspection of life; slowing down your pace and taking the time to see the beautiful in the everyday things. Dialogue to note: “Seems to me, that my destiny is to be the Bride of Adventure. I expect you approve, because you have sent me on so many now that I’ve quite developed a taste for them.” – Anne

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore (TV Series) (2015, TV series) Watch for: Soulful stories and story-telling.

Walt before Mickey (2015, biography, drama) Watch for: Walt Disney’s turbulent ride; endearing acting.


2016, 2017

Dead Poets Society (1989, drama) Watch for: Enthusiasm.

Big Eyes (2014, biography, drama) Watch for: The gripping story of painter Margaret Keane; beautiful paintings and the story of how they came to be.

Salam Neighbour (2015, documentary, drama) Watch for: An inspiring ecosystem developed by Syrian refugees; the human side of the Syrian conflict.

Living on one dollar (2013, documentary) Watch for: Hardships and humanity in extreme financial limitations. Not for: Survival guide for living on a dollar.

Cowspiracy: The sustainability secret (2014, documentary) Watch for: Dire need for vegan/vegetarianism for sustainability; alleged conspiracy that tries to mute this topic.

Jackie (2016, biography, drama) Watch for: An alternate angle to the tragic historical event, i.e., JFK’s assassination; the story of a strong First Lady; Natalie Portman’s acting.

Amy (2015, biography) Watch for: A collection of videos, interviews and stories that try to understand the person Amy, and the artist Amy Winehouse, and how the two influenced each other.

The Little Prince (2015, animation) Watch for: A magical and contemporary adaptation of the classic book “The Little Prince”. Not for: An adaptation of the book as it is.


2014, 2015

How to Make Money Selling Drugs (2013, documentary) Watch for: A combined business and economics lesson. Potential career research?!

The Magdalene Sisters (2002, drama) Watch for: Factual representation of religious dogma and control with ulterior motive.

The Cove (2009, documentary) Watch for: A heart-wrenching and ignored truth about dolphin slaughter along Japan’s coastline. The Oscar-winning documentary is an eye-opener whether you are completely oblivious to the world or an ardent nature-enthusiast.

Mr. Nobody (2009) Watch for: Unbound imagination.

The Machinist (2004) Watch for: Christian Bale’s effort as an actor – I can’t imagine how this guy transforms from a stick-like Trevor in The Machinist to play the enviable Bruce Wayne in Batman soon after. Not for: Light refreshment.

Kabhi Kabhie (1976) Watch for: well-crafted love stories; cheesy love dialogues. I am not sure when this rendition of Amitabh Bachchan’s famous sher from the movie came out, but his dialogue in the beginning and towards the end are moving.

I just attended…

The Nether Watch for: “If there has been no consequence, there has been no meaning”. The play is engaging and challenging, moving and disturbing. It will make you revisit pre-conceived ideas relating to a digital world that we are progressing towards. In a virtual world without consequences, where do you draw the line between right and wrong? Are there moral ramifications for transgressions? Does a virtual identity mean anything? A virtual relationship without obligations, does it even exist – either in the virtual or the real world?

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