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Little Boy Unnoticed

Little Boy Unnoticed In a deserted street Bending over The garbage bin.

Pulls out A used rag From within.

He looks around No cherubim.

Only, His addictive sin.

Little boy, They turned you at the gate Even though you had been raped

But you never knew The care-house wasn’t safe There users had a crew.

Now you turn away as you were told

You had been wishful In a world so cold

Deluded with hope, You reached out again, Shimmer melted away like liquid gold

You stumbled against your fate It was thus arranged everyday And you told yourself again For one more time, just be bold.

Little Boy, When I build a roof – That day, I will take you under.

From those misleading alleys And strange homes, A comfort besides the thunder.

Tucked in warm and sweet, Of your fate you wouldn’t wonder.

How long will you last?

Did your struggles merely appetise – A conspiracy’s hunger much more vast?

When the day wraps up And the crowds turn away Shelving anecdotes of you in their past-

Little boy Unnoticed, Know it in your heart, You will be the brazen star, Rising to glory among an aesthetic cast.

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