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Imposter in the Temple

Confident feet halt at the door Whisper to the lucky Earth under Was it really us that they chose To witness such a wonder?

My storming heart Pulls in its wings raging with latitude Its wildness folds in on itself As it kneels forward in gratitude

The feet, They are yet to enter Doubting themselves in the old world Their human self in an internal welter

They stand hesitant, At the entrance stairs Exchanging concealed notes Between their own pair

Even whilst the heart Flutters with a thirst to know more It glistens with the beauty of the moment Letting go of the doubts it wore

The sun rays smile As they nibble and nudge the back They kiss the awakening skin Helping the muscles within unpack

I step inside, just at the edge Back against the boundary wall, I begin to trace the periphery. Slowly, sliding along.

Greedy eyes cannot resist They look above, overfilled with the sight Glued trembling lips – Hold back the expression of delight

The magnanimous temple – In a moment it brought out my internal thief And in the next moment It purged it all, putting the imposter at ease.

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