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Half Story

Maybe the stories are only half true So the only way to have the truth you want Is to imagine it through

Maybe there is no way to clean the floor It is a permanent scratch on the door – (one you can’t ignore) – Surprise surprise – always an unfinished chore

Invented-to-sell vitality Imperfect reality Non sensible even in totality

No true story of love No caring dove Only illusion of someone above

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At The Altar - Part II

Her eyes are still open Her head is hung low Blood trickles along her eyebrow While her eyes adjust to the blow. His arms rise again, Towards the speechless sky. Plunging ahead with the axe, He gives

At The Altar

At the altar of love, She offers herself. He drops an axe, Over her head. The drop came – Without a blink. Did he even Stop to think? A shock to the body A gap on the skin A gush of blood The slit bur


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I am excited to share with you that my debut book, The Logical Romantic is now available on Amazon. To know more, you can follow the link below!

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