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Dance With Me

“Hello” “Hi-” ” how are you doing today?” “I-” “It’s a wonderful evening, wouldn’t you say” “Yes, I -” “I would love to hold your hand and dance all day” “Really, why -” “Oh I love you like crazy, now if I may?” “Okay”

He holds her hand and takes her away She steps with doubt and gently he makes her sway

They play in the background the song of the day The crowd fades around her as he closes in to say..

Relax now my lady I will hold you all the way

He glides with her across the floor The corner of her eye is still at the door

She wants to escape and thinks of a way Brushes her elbow by the glass laden tray

Yet he glides with her across the glass-strewn floor Closes in on the distance a little bit more

“It’s crazy” she thinks And finally joins in the dance

He twirls her away And into his arms Another lady from the aisle He was just waiting for his chance

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