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Black Coffee: A Love Story

Water stood with ease Within the clear jar. The ground coffee sat in its box Not too far.

Water’s jar now uncapped It is exposed, yet calm. Whilst the coffee fresh and earthy Pours confidently onto your palm.

Water shivers Tries to hold on to its home As it’s poured out mercilessly Into the brewing dome.

Coffee, damn She is an adventurous lass, Jumps in to the machine With all her sass.

With a jolt things move The water is given a sign, No time left to ponder It moves ahead with time.

Drop by drop With the cosy coffee it brews. Together, they each lose their form And become something new.

Both lost their original shape True bonding meant losing self As they lost themselves and held to the other, They got a place of pride on every shelf.

Where this will lead Water and beans cannot surmise. On the vessels that they will embark, Adventures un-tasted are about to arise.

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