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A Little Girl with Little Feet

A little girl with little feet

Walked her little perfect land

She felt the wind in her hair, the smell of the sea

And underneath her feet some fine fine sand.

In her head her life was complete

And yearned only to keep moving

One step here and next one there –

She knew the path as learning and growing.

She steered the ship of her little life

And weaved little dreams that would forever last

Until of course when they became real

And then she would find another sail for her mast.

It was a bright sunny day

When her ship sighted another

On the vast seas that she thought she owned –

Here was a harmless intruder.

They opened a rum

It was a moment of celebration

To find solace

On this endless ocean.

They danced, they cheered

They laughed at life

But wondered secretly how they would look

As man and wife.

The words were sudden

So they quickly were made to vanish

And they continued to dance into the night

Until they went to bed famished.

Our friend the intruder deserves an introduction

He was an adventurer from beyond the horizon

He knew a million of the sea’s secrets

And had discovered a thousand.

A boy of might

And courage and heart

He had braved some storms

And played a proud part.

One fine morning

The girl and the boy said their goodbye’s

They went to their docks

And looked yet again at the skies.

They knew they had dreams

And hopes to be fulfilled

So they set again on their paths

And began navigating with skill.

For months the girl sailed

And crossed many-a-lands

She had her own adventures

With the helm held firm under her hand.

She often thought of the adventurer

But she laughed it off

There were her perfect little dreams

And she would set afloat with another job.

One morning at the bay

When the waters were calm

She recognized a bottle and a hat

Just by the palm.

She felt her missing pulse

And so did the face under the hat

Which she now recognized as her own

She went to join the boy where he sat.

He laughed

She giggled

He bowed

She clapped

He spoke

She blushed

He got the boat

She got the map.

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